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10 quick ways to set yourself free from negative thinking

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

This post contains the top 10 ways I use to set myself free from negative thinking. They're nothing particularly new or groundbreaking but that doesn't take away from the fact they work. Every time. So if you find yourself in a downward spiral, why not give 1 or 2 or all 10 a go. You never know they might just set you free.

  1. Tap it out - there are tons of tapping (EFT) routines on YouTube, Brad Yates is particularly good, find one that matches how your feeling, press play and feel your energy shift.

  2. Press play on your favourite Spotify/ Soundcloud playlist and dance it out. Music never fails to stop my negative thinking in its tracks, get me into my body and into feeling good.

  3. Call a friend - check in with someone else, see how they are, get out of self.

  4. Browse Pinterest - I find a lot of comfort and solace in reading quotes that reflect what's going on for me at that time and in seeking inspiring ones to give me hope.

  5. Get outside and walk - with or without something to listen to.

  6. Meditate - personally I love guided meditations, in particular those of Jessica Snow of '' as they literally take me on a journey every time.

  7. Do some yoga or workout - some days a few impromptu yoga postures do it for me then other days its busting out a few squats and press-ups.

  8. Write a gratitude list - this is hands down one of the easiest ways to stop negative thinking in it's tracks! Every body has something to be grateful, even if it's just access to running water, food and shelter (which is a lot more than a hell of a lot of people in this world.

  9. Read - I always think I don't want to read and have to push myself to do this but when I do I am always surprised how well it can get me out of negative thinking.

  10. Look through your saved items on Instagram/ Facebook - I frequently save videos and posts and then completely forget about them then when I decide to go and see what's there more often than not I find exactly the thing i need to see or read right at that moment in time.

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