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Nicola is a Trauma Conscious Yoga teacher and an EFT Practitioner, and her mission is to help people turn their pain into power and find inner peace. She shows people how to live full, happy, contented lives no matter what they have been through, with EFT (tapping as it's more commonly known) and yoga.  Yoga connected Nicola deeply to her physical body and spirit, and EFT cleared out the negative emotions, blocks and beliefs that were keeping her stuck in the past, and stopping her from moving forward with her life.  She is passionate about both EFT and yoga as she knows how powerful and transformative both can be. She strongly believes that EFT & yoga provide a holistic approach to trauma recovery, as she has seen how well both have worked in her own life and the lives of her clients, maybe they can transform yours too.

About me
The impact EFT had on me

I have been tapping on myself since now for nearly 2018 and it is part of my daily routine. Some of the things I have personally tapped away are;

  • self doubt

  • self loathing

  • not feeling good enough

  • not feeling worthy

  • not feeling worthy of success

  • so many fears!

  • my sugar addiction (which i never even dreamed possible)

  • anxiety & stress

  • nerves

  • negative self talk (still a work in progress but the difference now to how it used to be is nothing short of miraculous)

  • my allergic rhinitis (which i did not expect tapping to work for but I tried one night when i was desperate as my sinuses were so bad) and so many more things that I don’t even remember. 

Sometimes one session was enough to eliminate these things, others have taken a few as they were very deeply rooted beliefs.

Why I do what I do 

I wish I had known about EFT a lot sooner than I did as it really has transformed me from the inside out. I feel like EFT found me and I’m so happy that it did. I feel deeply passionate about how transformative and accessible it is as a healing tool which is what led me to re-train as an EFT Practitioner with EFT International in 2021. 


It really is my greatest desire to help others find the emotional freedom I have found. I never thought I could or would be where I am today, but I am! EFT has set me forever free and now I am on a mission to do the same for others.

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