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Welcome to Liberate

Combining the powerful healing modality of EFT Tapping (emotional freedom techniques) with trauma conscious yoga, you can be set free from the pain of your past and find inner peace.


Both EFT and YOGA can help liberate you from limiting beliefs, traumatic events (past & present) negative thought patterns, stress and anxiety.


“Feel it. The thing you don't want to feel. Feel it and be free”

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About Liberate EFT & YOGA

Every single individual has patterns, behaviours and beliefs that hold them back. In yogic philosophy these are called samskaras. They may be in the form of fears, past traumas, limiting beliefs or trapped/stuck negative emotions and feelings. By using EFT tapping and yoga it is possible to release or transform these and set yourself free.

EFT tapping is a practical self help tool that can be done by an individual or with a Practitioner and it can reduce stress, clear negative emotions, heal past & present painful events, and promote both emotional and physical healing. 


 YOGA is often just seen as the physical practice and is often associated with being flexible but yoga is so much more than this. YOGA is about calming the fluctuations of the mind and creating a more peaceful way to live in our mind, body and spirit. Liberate EFT&YOGA teaches trauma conscious yoga which means the focus is on the person not the pose, so no flexibility is required. It is a safe, gentle practice to help soothe the nervous system.

Book a free consultation call today to find out how Liberate EFT & YOGA could change your life for the better. 

Hey I'm Nikki and  I own and run
Liberate EFT & YOGA

It's my mission to help people turn their pain into power so that they can find inner peace and to show them how to live full, happy, contented lives no matter what they have been through. 


I do this through EFT and YOGA. Why? Because these are the tools I have used to do the same. I have turned the pain of my past trauma's into my greatest power and have transformed my life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally as a result. 

YOGA has connected me deeply to my physical body and to my spirit and EFT has cleared out the negative emotions and beliefs that were keeping me stuck in the past, that were keeping me from moving forward and I know they can both do the same for you too.


After getting into addiction recovery in 2017 and I started to heal, I quickly understood that whilst the 12 step fellowship I was in, was amazing, I needed more to thrive and become everything my heart dreamt of. I needed to deal with and heal from past trauma. Trauma isn't always big life changing events either, anything that that is perceived as life threatening and/or terrifying, and some of these things happen before we are old enough to even understand.


For me EFT & YOGA provided a holistic approach to my trauma recovery and I was inspired by the amazing changes I was seeing in my own life so I trained as a Trauma Conscious Yoga teacher and an EFT Practitioner. 


EFT & YOGA have, and continue, to transform my life, and the lives of my clients so why not find out how one or both could change your life too?

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How can we work together?


  • Face to face or online 121 sessions

  • Online courses

  • Workshops - yours or mine!

  • Retreats - yours or mine!

  • Recovery conventions


  • Weekly online ZOOM yoga

  • Online or in person yoga / meditation / breathwork 121's - tailored to what you need

  • Workshops - yours or  mine!

  • Retreats - yours  or mine!

  • Online courses

  • Recovery convention's

  • Treatment centres and rehabs

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What other people say

Amie - EFT 121 online

"I didn’t really know what to expect from EFT as I’d only ever done a tiny 10 min taster before, but I found it really beneficial. Nikki was so calming and generous and really allowed me to lead what we worked on, whilst still making me feel guided and supported. It brought up some things.


I didn’t really even know I needed to work through, but became very obvious that I did. And even after the first session I was left with a technique and a way of managing my thoughts that I could take away and use on my own whenever I needed to."

Hayley - Sunday Session

(Yoga, EFT, Meditation & Journaling workshop)

"If you’re looking for the perfect way to prepare for your week - look no further. Starting off with some gentle Yin Yoga, Nikki takes you through a range of gentle movements that really help you connect with your body.


The journalling session guides you through thought provoking questions to calm and connect your mind. Finally, the tapping and meditation incorporates all the findings from earlier parts in the session and connects you with your soul.


You feel totally connected with everyone in a small intimate group of like-minded souls. Highly recommend this workshop!.

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